The United States and the United Nations

U.N. Reform and American Politics


Niel Staes

Thesis Presented by Niel Staes
to achieve the degree of Master in American Studies.

Academiejaar: 2004-2005

University of Antwerp, Catholic University of Leuven,

Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Ghent University.


Promoter: Prof. Dr. A. Azmonova

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The time has come for the United Nations

to embrace change and reconfirm its place

in today’s transformed international environment.

“American Interests and U.N. Reform”

I. Introductory Chapter


II. General Introduction


III. U.N.-U.S. Relations in the 20th Century

    A. Changing the U.N

    B. Early Reform efforts at the U.N.

    C. Reagan pushes for U.N. Reform.

    D. The Renaissance of the early 90’s

    E. U.N. revival gets killed in Somalia.

    F. Helms, Holbrooke and Annan set the agenda.


IV. The United Nations and the Bush Administration

    A. Confusion and Uncertainty at the Start

    B .U.N. falls victim to 9/11 and the “War on Terror”

    C. U.N. Reform reappears on the agenda


V. Conclusion


VI. Bibliography

    A. Consulted Works

    B. Consulted Websites


VII. Appendices

    A. “Remarks of Assistant Secretary of State Kim R. Holmes.”

    B. “American Interests and U.N. Reform.”

    C. “Statement by Ambassador. Patterson on UN Reform”


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