Tiele! Turis!. The social and ethnic impact of tourism in Siberut (Mentawai). (Laurens Bakker)


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The finishing of this thesis took some more time then was expected. Yet even so, the project draws to a close. The topic of this research comprises a variety of social factors, both from Mentawaian society and the Indonesian state at large. It proved impossible to focus on the two elementary groups of tourism (hosts and guests) alone, as many factors from outside this relationship influenced their interaction to such an extend that these factors had to be included. An extensive framework of mutual relations appeared to be underlying the entire process.

The research could not have been done without the support and assistance of a number of people who I gratefully acknowledge:

At Leiden University Martin van Bakel, Wim van Zanten, Bart Barendregt and Nathan Porath provided me with helpful suggestions. At the Universitas Andalas in Padang pak Mohammed Djuir and Erwin proved helpful and enthusiastic informants. During my stay in the city my fellow-students Kirsten, Susan and Eva provided excellent company, as did Julius who also was a helpful guide and friend. At Citra Mandiri, Paul, Petrus, Kortanius, Fernando, Katharina and Yosef formed an enthusiastic group that was always willing to answer my questions.

At Siberut, Christa was my 'colleague' with whom I worked at many of the research locations. We were a good working team under all conditions! Yulianus Saguluw was my interpreter, guide, nurse, cook, and whatever else he could think of. His insight and enthusiasm proved of great value for the research. Rengge, Amanjulang, Amakerei, Hieronymus, Yulianus' family, Ismael, Jono, Tarazon, Salomo, Maurus, Anjo, Laka and so many others helped me on the island, they helped to bring the fieldwork to a successful ending.

Back home, Heidi Dahles and Jaap Lengkeek helped me to supplementary literature. Aurelius Yan and Herman Satoinong occasionally revive the atmosphere of Siberut, while the comments of Jaap and Anita kept me writing behind my computer. Mary Rietveld critically checked my attempts at writing in the English language, and Judith succeeded in putting up with me throughout the writing process. My family supported me through the process with enthusiasm (and occasionally financially).


Thanks to all!


home lijst scripties inhoud vorige volgende