The Spatial Imagination of Oromia: The Ethiopian State and Oromo Transnational Politics. (Bas van Heur)


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Acronyms and Abbreviations


ENLF: Ethiopian National Liberation Front

EPLF: Eritrean Peoples’ Liberation Front

EPRDF: Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front

EPRP: Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Party

ESUE: Ethiopian Students Union in Europe

ESUNA: Ethiopian Students Union in North America

FDRE: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

ICH’AT: Revolutionary Struggle of the Ethiopian Oppressed

IFLO: Islamic Front for the Liberation of Oromia

MEISON: All Ethiopian Socialist Movement

OALF: Oromo-Abbo Liberation Front

OAU: Organization of African Union

OLC: Oromo Liberation Council

OLF: Oromo Liberation Front

ONA: Oromian National Academy

ONC: Oromo National Congress

ONDM: Oromo National Democratic Movement

OPDO: Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization

OPLF: Oromo Peoples’ Liberation Front

OPLO: Oromo Peoples’ Liberation Organization

ORA: Oromo Relief Association

OSA: Oromo Studies Association

OSG: Oromia Support Group

POLISARIO: Frente Popular para la Liberacion de Saguiet el Hamra y Rio de Oro

POMOA: Peoples’ Office for Mass Organizational Affairs

SADR: Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

SALF: Somali Abbo Liberation Front

TGE: Transitional Government of Ethiopia

TPLF: Tigrayan Peoples’ Liberation Front

UN: United Nations

UNHCR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

ULFO: United Liberation Forces of Oromia

UOE: Union of Oromo in Europe

UONA: Union of Oromo in North America

UOSNA: Union of Oromo Students in North America

UOPL: United Oromo Peoples’ Leadership

UOSE: Union of Oromo Students in Europe

WPE: Workers’ Party of Ethiopia

WSLF: Western Somalia Liberation Front


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